Swiss Army Knife

Like a Swiss Army Knife for your company.
I’m a designer, developer, and marketing strategist.
I help clients better communicate their
message and grow their business.

This site covers lots of things: technology, startups, entrepreneurship, programming, social and tech events, strategies, and a bunch of other random crap that crosses through my mind. I’m always open to new opportunities and sharing ideas, so don’t be shy - I’d love to talk.

The main navigation is there at the top. Feel free to visit my blog, look at my work, check out my links, or drop me a note. To make things easy, you can see my latest tweet and blog posts in my sidebar. Have a great visit!

I’m currently accepting select projects

I design and build beautiful, usable, and engaging websites and applications.
Partnerships with a network of designers and developers of all disciplines enable
any project to be accomplished effectively and efficiently. Contact me today to get started.

  • Marketing and Communication Strategy
  • Website and Application Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Consulting
  • xHTML/CSS Markup/Development
  • PSD to HTML/CSS Service
  • PHP Development
  • Javascript Development
  • Wordpress Development/Consulting
  • Social Media Consulting

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